Why Mandax?

My name is actually Mandax?

Well, my real name is Anderson, like Mr. Anderson that could be a lot cooler way to call me.

So where did it came from?

Back in 2002, I’ve had played a lot of RPG games and my first adventure was with a system called Daemon. To create my character I wanted a unique name, something new. Then I came up with Mandax without any reason, was a really random name spit from the head of an 11 years old boy.

After that, we’ve had played a long adventure and our nicknames migrated from a game to another, and another, and another until me and my friends were calling each other just by those nicknames.

I tried to change my nickname once, but Mandax even moved to another city with me.

Today I have 27 years old and everyone calls me Mandax.

Recently I found out that there is a product called mandax which is used to stretch man’s balls.

Yeah, I’ll need to live with it.